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Best Garage Door Spring Repair Near Arthur, IL

Alco Overhead Doors is proud to offer a comprehensive selection of residential and commercial garage door repair, maintenance, and installation services near Central Illinois and surrounding areas. As a family-owned and operated business, quality customer service and complete customer satisfaction are our top priorities. Our tenure in the industry and wealth of knowledge and experience lend themselves to our superior garage door spring repair services in your neighborhood and beyond! Contact us today for guaranteed repair results every time!

Warning Signs Rearing Their Heads? Spring Into Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage door spring repair is an essential garage door service. Your garage door springs have the important job of leveraging the weight of your garage door so that it is equally balanced and does not slam shut or fall down when it opens and closes. 

The average garage door weighs between one hundred and two hundred pounds depending on the materials, insulation, and layers used in its construction. This means that your garage door springs lift and lower hundreds of pounds of weight during each cycle! Because of this, your torsion and extension garage door springs are manufactured with increased tension inside of their coils and are subject to popping, gapping, and breakage over time. 


It can be difficult to determine if you’re approaching the need for garage door spring repair, but warning signs do rear their head eventually. Be on the lookout for the following indicators if you suspect that your springs are becoming worse for wear:

  • Your garage door springs are approaching the end of their lifespan (7-12 years).
  • Your garage door springs have 3-4” gaps between the coils.
  • Your garage door springs have accumulated rust.
  • Outdoor buildup and damaging debris prevent your garage door springs from rotating or extending properly.
  • Your garage door springs have broken sections.
  • Your garage door begins to close normally, and then slams shut.
  • Your garage door is struggling to open or opening slower than normal.

Emergency Garage Door Spring Repair Near You!

Need our garage door spring repair services now? No problem! We offer around-the-clock emergency repair services for all of our valued residents and local businesses near Central Illinois. We understand how inconvenient and frustrating it can be when your garage door becomes suddenly inoperable, especially when your garage door springs are to blame. That’s why we keep our work vehicles fully stocked with top-of-the-line garage door parts and hardware so that we’re able to assist at a moment’s notice. Simply contact us, and we’ll be on the way! 

How to Prepare for Garage Door Spring Repair

Now that you know what to look out for, your next step is to prepare for your appointment. Here are a few simple tips to ensure that your garage door spring repair service runs smoothly:

Garage Door Spring Repair
  1. Clear The Area – When our technicians enter your home, they’ll need room to work. We advise that all areas around your garage door be as clear as possible so that our service professional(s) can easily move about, grab necessary tools and equipment, and set up a ladder to reach your hardware. 
  2. Remove Valued Possessions From The Workspace – In the same vein as before, your service technician will need adequate space to perform repairs. But you’ll also want some space between your repair technician and your valued possessions. Though we operate with the utmost care and precision, we’d hate to have a rogue garage door spring pop during service and damage any precious items, appliances, or vehicles. We recommend removing all such materials from the workspace until your garage door spring repair is complete.
  3. Remain Nearby – If you’d prefer not to be present during your service appointment, that’s completely your choice. You can trust our professionals to be in and out in a breeze. However, we do advise that you stay close by on the premises. Our technicians will walk you through the services performed and advise you of the need for additional repairs or upcoming maintenance services that we note during our visit. 

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