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New Garage Doors for Your Home

Whether you prefer a traditional garage door or are more contemporary, we’ve got you covered. Look through our entire line of garage doors to find the one you want to add to your home. Have questions about any of our garage doors? Contact us today!


Shoreline by C.H.I. offers you the classic look and texture of a traditional wood carriage house garage door without the maintenance of a real wood door. Available in 24 overlay designs and 2 accent wood tones.

Shoreline by CHI
Plank Style Garage Doors


Horizontal grooves lend texture and interest to Planks doors, creating depth and subtle dimension.

Skyline Flush

Elevate your home’s style with crisp, clean lines and a geometric silhouette. Available in 13 color options, our Skyline Flush garage door’s minimalistic design adds understated elegance to any exterior.

Skyline Flush Panel Garage Door
Sterling Garage Doors


The embodiment of minimalist design, Sterling garage doors uniquely combine infinity glass and steel for an ultra-sleek profile. Available in 36 vibrant color options.

Raised Panel Garage Door

Add depth to your garage door with our Raised Panel design, available in both short- and long-panel design options. The raised panels start with a recessed edge, then the interior surface of each is brought slightly forward – adding just a hint of definition to a classic garage door style.

Raised Panel Garage Door
Stamped Carriage House Door

Stamped Carriage House

Rustic craftsmanship brings unparalleled warmth and individuality to our Stamped Carriage House garage doors, which are available in both short- and long-panel design options. Shaped from steel and embossed with a woodgrain finish, this style replicates the classic appearance of old-fashioned barn doors.


Stamped Shaker

Clean, simple lines and a minimalist design characterize C.H.I.’s line of Stamped Shaker garage doors. The timeless style, expert craftsmanship, and attention to detail will create a lasting impression. Available in Accents, Woodtones, and standard colors.

Stamped Shaker Garage Door
Accents Woodtones Garage Door

Accents Woodtones

Accents Woodtones portray a non-repeating wood grain to achieve the warmth, appeal, and beauty of a handcrafted wood garage door – while providing the strength and durability of steel construction. A dual layer of UV protection maximizes color retention, even in the harshest environments.

Overlay Carriage House

The dimension, vibrance, and texture of traditional carriage house garage doors can evoke an old-world aesthetic or elevate a modern home design. Whether you prefer the durability of steel, the practicality of fiberglass, or the beauty of rich, natural wood, C.H.I. has the style you want with details you won’t find anywhere else.

Overlay Carriage House Garage Door
Recessed Panel Garage Door

Recessed Panel

Recessed panel garage doors by C.H.I. provide the look of traditional wood frame-and-panel construction, shaped from steel and embossed with a natural wood grain finish. Choose from 4 design options and multiple standard colors.

Full-View Aluminum

A dramatic statement made to fit your contemporary garage door application. Full-View Aluminum by C.H.I. fits a variety of architectural applications, allowing natural light, open visibility, and a sleek, modern look. Expertly engineered of aluminum and glass, Full-View provides the perfect blend of industrial and ultra-modern.

Full View Aluminum Garage Door
High Definition Fiberglass Garage Door

High-Definition Fiberglass

Boasting graceful arches and daring details, our High-Definition Fiberglass garage doors set the stage for the rest of your home. Fiberglass most closely mimics the defined grain texture of authentic wood – unlike wood, however, fiberglass will not shrink, warp, or crack in harsh climates.

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